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Alliance Industrial Doors Ltd in Dudley can supply top quality made to order roller shutter doors


An effective and secure option

Roller shutter doors are a popular and highly cost-effective security solution. These doors are suitable for a wide variety of applications including the industrial, retail, commercial, leisure or local authority sectors. Roller shutters are constructed from interlocking galvanised steel slats that form a continuous hinge. Roller shutters are extremely strong, flexible and versatile for use in a range of settings.

At Alliance Industrial Doors Ltd, we can supply roller shutter doors in an extensive range of finishes, including galvanised steel as well as powder or plastisol coating. Shutters can be solid, punched or perforated. For more information, please get in touch.

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Why choose our roller shutter doors?

All our roller shutter doors are built to meet the specific and precise needs of the client. They are:

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to operate

  • Of heavy duty mild steel construction

  • Low maintenance

3 phase direct drive roller shutter door

Curtain: The curtain is constructed from 75mm single skin profile, each consisting of heavy duty 20 swg (0.9mm) laths, DX51 galvanised, coated, and finished with 3” pressed steel end locks and wind anchors.

Guides or guide runners: Guides are manufactured of 65mm windlock (100mm on larger doors) on 100mm x 50mm x 3mm fixing angles, pre-galvanised.

Barrel: The barrel is manufactured onto a minimum 139 x 3mm wall thickness, dependent on deflection requirement. Shaft assemblies are fully welded into place. Shafts sizes are 25mm/40mm/55mm, dependent on motor requirement. The barrel is then finished off with silver oxide paint and a top lath carrier is fitted.

Plates: Plates are manufactured from 6-10mm material, dependent on door size and motor requirement. These are slotted for easy installation as well as for adjustment.

3ph direct drive motors: We use either Ellard DDO or the Guthrie Douglas safe drive ranges. Both these ranges have a built in safety brake mechanism to meet the requirements of anti-fall-back legislation. Motors are plug and play to a 5 pin 3 phase socket, with mechanical and digital limits options.

Wiring diagrams are available upon request. Our curtain has achieved class 5 wind load testing on a 10m x 1m sample.


Industrial hand chain standard roller shutter door

Curtain: The curtain is constructed from 20swg (0.9mm) 75mm laths (DX51Z25 coated) slid together and finished off with 3” pressed steel endlocks. Cast windlocks are fitted as standard on doors over a clear width of 4500mm. This is finished off with a 2mm thick T-RAIL bottom bar.

Guides or guide runners: Guides are manufactured on 65mm standard guides on doors of up to 4500mm width, 65mm windlock guides on sizes of 4501mm to 6500mm width, and 100mm heavy duty windlock guides on doors of 6501mm and over. Guide channels are made from 3mm pre-galvanised material on 100mm x 50mm x 3mm fixing angles, manufactured as either face fit or reveal fit based on the client’s requirement. A chain keep is fitted on the guides as standard.

Barrel: the barrel is manufactured as a double sprung design (we never use single spring so that in the case of failure the door will only creep down). Tube thickness is dependent on deflection requirement but will never be smaller than 139 x 3mm wall. This is completed with a 6DP 66 tooth steel gear. We never use chain.

Plates: Plates are manufactured from 8mm plate. These can be either single steel gear reduced or double reduced. Double reduction is 66 tooth-18tooth-30 tooth-18 tooth. Gears are manufactured from 6DP steel, which is then finished off with either a 7” or 9” chain wheel.

All our doors are CE marking compliant to harmonised standards.

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