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About the AD95 RAPID ROLL

The AD95 RAPID ROLL door from Alliance Industrial Doors Ltd in Dudley offers opening speeds normally achieved with PVC speed doors, as well as offering security and insulation that make it suitable for use as a stand-alone external door for high-use openings. These doors use 95mm foam-filled insulated profiles in their construction and are finished with an aluminium extruded bottom with a small bore rubber weather seal. 

The AD95 door is powered by precision German engineering with a GFA direct-drive 3-phase motor and electrics. These provide opening speeds of up to 2000mm per second (dependent on door size and motor) and closing of 500mm per second. The frequency inverter control provides soft-start and soft-stop to minimise wear and tear and offer smooth and quiet operation.

  • Designed specially for industrial use

  • Very strong yet light and durable

  • Laminated anti-scratch coating for extended life span

  • Also suitable for large domestic applications

  • Excellent wind resistance up to 10m wide class 5

  • Compact roll-up diameter

  • Also available in standard speed

  • Available in standard sizes of up to 5m x 5m (special sizes may be available on request)

The AD95 door is available with a wide variety of automation options such as i-falcon motion sensors, a ground Induction loop, traffic lights, remote control. The door will come with wireless safety edge kit and photocells to both sides of the door as standard. Contact us for details.

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