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Compact doors from Alliance Industrial Doors Ltd in Dudley

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About our unique AD95 profile roll

The AD95 compact doors we manufacture at Alliance Industrial Doors Ltd uses a twin skin profile roll formed from a single strip of material with a polyurethane foam filled central core. This offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, making the doors ideal for industrial applications.


The foam filled laths we use are available in 0.5mm hot dip galvanised steel to DX51 Z2 275g, which offers a bright, smooth finish which is ideal for powder coating. It can also be supplied in pre colour coated steel, manufactured to EN 10169 + A1. The pre-coated steel we use is designed to meet a high aesthetic demand and uses an exclusive glittery textured surface. Manufactured according to the BT patent (Bio Based Technology), it lasts well in environments that place a high demand on the surface. The coating is optimised for wear resistance, weathering resistance, and low resource consumption. The colours and glass shine both last well, while the coating provides excellent protection against corrosion.

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